Dual Citizen


The Mix.

We're all about the mix: local mixed with global designers and artists; feminine mixed with mens-inspired; bold & vibrant mixed with simple & sleek styles; hand crafted with machine-made products.  Style is not one-sided and neither are we.


The World.

It's what inspires us.  It's what drives our curiosity.  We're explorers at heart and love searching the globe, near and far for great style.

The Founder.

Founder Ola Abayomi had a strong desire to do something meaningful. She describes Dual Citizen as “a store that started unintentionally. I was fortunate to have parents who believed in seeing the world. From that exposure, I got an insatiable desire to discover and share pieces from my travels that otherwise might have gone unnoticed.” Dual Citizen at the surface is a curation of style and fashion from around the globe but on a deeper level, it’s a curation of possibility; a celebration and reflection of the possibilities that can happen when different cultures, ideas and stories are shared.

The Story.