Dual Citizen

I’m grateful to have experienced two very different cultures growing up. This boutique is a result of that experience.
— Ola Abayomi

The Mix.

We're all about the mix: local mixed with global; bold & vibrant mixed with classic & sleek.  Style is never one-sided and neither are we.

The World.

It's what inspires us.  It's what drives our curiosity.  We're explorers at heart and love searching the globe, near and far for great pieces.


The Collection.

We work directly with local designers in Nigeria to bring you handcrafted, limited-edition and stylish accessories.

"In order to be irreplaceable, one always must be different." - Coco Chanel 

The Founder.

Dual Citizen was created by Ola Abayomi, a Nigerian-American, in 2014.  Growing up, Ola would spend summers in Nigeria and its during these visits that she discovered the talent of local designers. Year after year, Ola would return to the US with accessories, clothing and other items that were unique yet fit seamlessly into her style. She describes Dual Citizen as “a store that started unintentionally. Through travel, I realized there is so much more than what most are exposed to.  That realization combined with living in New York City was really the catalyst in creating this platform that aims to show that great style is great style, and it can come from anywhere." Dual Citizen at the surface is a globally inspired boutique but on a deeper level, it’s a celebration and reflection of what can happen when different cultures, ideas and stories are shared.