Dual Citizen


Remember Why You Started

Reflection, Thankful, Holidays, Blog PostFrom the Founder

I've come across this quote on social media a number of times and every time I see it, it always resonates so much that I pause and think about it.  I think about it in terms of this boutique, which, it must be said, took me a couple twists and turns to realize it was a store I wanted to create.  It must have been early 2013 when I realized that I wanted to create something.   I knew that I wanted to do something in fashion.  I knew I wanted to do something connected to my personal experience of being a dual citizen.  And I knew that there was an underlying social responsibility that I felt was critical to this thing I wanted to create.

It was those three factors that led me to where I am right now but it was definitely not a clear path.  I zigged and zagged through so many different manifestations of this thing from developing a shoe line to a media & shopping platform dedicated to designers from around the world.  I would go down a path and ultimately get to a point where it didn't feel right and realized that it wasn't what I was going after.   It was those three factors that were so integral to this thing that it enabled me to recognize when something wasn't right.

To say this was frustrating would be an understatement.  I had this vision of what I wanted to create and why but no idea how to put it into motion and make it real.  Fast forward almost 2 years and Dual Citizen boutique is finally here.   The power of the mind is a fascinating force and it wasn't until our opening this week that I really understood that power.  Staying true to those 3 things really were my guideposts to creating this store and I'm so excited about the future.  I could not have asked for a better kick off and cant wait for whats to come.  As holiday season gets underway I'm so thankful that I was able to remember why I started through those twists, turns and wrong directions that ultimately led me here.